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Southern Charm…

This beautiful manor-home, in the heart of the valley, shares gracious living with all who enter.  An ongoing job, for more than ten years, we have provided architectural elements such as, fireplace designs, woodwork details, paneling layouts, lighting, drapery design, surface selections and furniture.  The home just keeps growing more beautiful with time.  While the outside is manicured with an abundant orchard, a bubbling fountain, gracious outdoor living rooms and a picturesque mountain creek.  The exterior of the home balances perfectly with symmetry, reminiscent of a Southern Mansion.  The heart of the home is  warm, with gracious owners who love to travel the world.  Each element of the design is nothing short of the finest.
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More amazing photographs of the wonderful home below including the Kitchen and Living room.
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Northlight provides a range of residential and commercial Interior Design services.  

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Northlight interiors is owned by two popular Pacific Northwest interior designers, Juleen Pudists and Christine Kern.