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Thompson Homestead

Just inside the walls of blooming azaleas and tailored boxwoods hides a home of important historic value. The Thompson homestead was established in 1853; the home of a wealthy hop farmer in Sumner, Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Levant Thompson featured worldly elements in their new home; imported marble fireplaces, crystal chandeliers and murals painted by an Italian artist featuring hops and real gold leaf in the dwelling. The home still stands today, strong and stately; surviving each remodel that pulled it away from its original grandeur.

Collaborating with the new homeowner’s and a skilled builder, we set to work in breathing life back into the home. With our innate love of historic architecture in hand, the team uncovered the shell of existing windows, molding, fir floor and soaring ten foot ceilings. The house spoke to us, guiding every step along the way during the renovation. The original fir floors were repaired, refinished and extended using found wood from a salvage yard, kitchen cabinets were designed and built using historic shapes found in the era, hanging lights strategically placed to eliminate tasks and provide ambiance and handmade subway tiles gracefully provide texture on the walls. The new French doors lead to a bountiful kitchen garden just outside and new single hung windows grace both sides of the room; natural light floods in. Gone are Sixties and Seventies remodel, while only the original state of beauty remain.

The home now shelters a life of experience for the new family that lives there. Three adorable children run in the yard, pick peas from the garden and gather to share a meal in their home. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson’s dream home is now restored and where it should have been all along… a beautifully painted lady.
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